A Day in the Life of a Cockroach


A day in the life of a cockroach 241x300 A Day in the Life of a CockroachI find humid, cluttered spaces to be the most comfortable place to live because they give me privacy and often provide the starchy foods I love. My favorites are cereal, beer, bread and other sugary foods and drinks. I’m an easy guest – I don’t need fancy meals to be content right where I am. Who am I? I’m a cockroach!

The family I live with doesn’t need to do anything special to make me feel at home. I’m content eating their leftovers or nibbling my way through cardboard boxes on the pantry shelves to help myself. When I get thirsty, the pet dish or refrigerator condensation pan is just fine for me. The bathroom sink and tub are other areas with easy access to water. With all these fine amenities, I can stay alive and even thrive in my new host home!

As a cockroach, I enjoy the company of my friends and family. Now that I’ve found a host home that has everything a cockroach needs to survive, I think I’ll invite some of my friends over and have a few dozen babies, too. The more the merrier!

Sometimes, we end up infecting our hosts with salmonella, pneumonia and worsen asthma attacks. These diseases we spread could be our downfall, but fortunately for us, our hosts usually don’t know that we’re the cause of their condition! It’s nice to live in a comfortable, private home, lurking in the damp, dark corners where our hosts can never find us. We’re here to stay!

Having any type of infestation is unpleasant, but cockroaches are particularly disgusting. They multiply quickly, get into your food and sometimes spread disease. Get professionals to help handle your problem and protect your home and family from unwanted guests. Call a HomeTeam Pest Defense office near you at 855-855-4873 or visit our website for more information.

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