Avoid creepy crawly pests this Halloween


Have you ever found live spiders crawling around your plastic decorative ones? Rodent droppings in the bottom of a box? Gnats and flies circling your jack-o’-lanterns? It is not uncommon to discover these and other pests during the fall. Spiders, roaches and rodents can hide with decorations stored in the attic or garage. Jack-o’-lanterns outside can also tempt bugs and rodents to venture near your home. Even Halloween candy is capable of attracting household pests. Here are tips from the experts at HomeTeam Pest Defense that you and your family can follow to reduce the likelihood of an unintended scare:

Pay attention when unpacking decorations:

  • As you prepare to bring out plastic rats and synthetic spider webs from storage, be mindful of the real ones. Spiders, roaches and rodents are capable of finding their way into your storage containers if they are not stored and sealed properly. Check boxes for signs of droppings and holes before unpacking, and transition to plastic containers with seal-tight lids to keep out pests in the future.

Avoiding carving pumpkins too early:

  • Carving spooky jack-o’-lantern faces into pumpkins is a classic Halloween ritual, but be wary of their quick decaying process. Real pumpkins are living plants that eventually rot, grow fungus and attract bugs and even rats. Wait a night or two before Halloween to carve your pumpkins to avoiding attracting fruit flies and gnats. Or check out our Pinterest page for tips on how to keep jack-o’-lanterns from rotting: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/507358714242026680/

Keep an eye on your trick-or-treat candy:

  • Many kids still enjoy their trick-or-treat candy several weeks into November. Sugary foods and sweets can also be a treat for pests so make sure to store your Halloween candy in a container with a tight lid after checking the candy for safety.

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