Cartoon image of a termite


Disintegrates buildings and structures. Silently tunnels into homes to catch opponents off guard. Brings a colony to wreak rapid havoc.

Cartoon image of a bedbug

Bed Bug

Sucks opponents’ blood. Avoids detection with stealthy bite. Appears at night as further camouflage.

Cartoon image of a grasshopper


Jumps 20 times its height. Repels opponents with spit. Rapidly destroys opponents’ food source.

Cartoon image of a stinkbug

Stink Bug

Repels enemies with super foul odor. Sneaks through small cracks and crevices to attack. Protected by spines on its legs and body.

Cartoon image of a pillbug


Rolls into an indestructible ball. Patiently waits and outlasts opponents. Protects itself with an armored shell.

Cartoon image of a earwig


Pinches with forceps-like limbs. Emits toxic odor to repel opponents. Sneaks up on opponents at night.

Cartoon image of a scorpion


Injects paralyzing, deadly venom with whipping, stinging tail. Pinches with large claws. Able to walk up walls.

Cartoon image of a tarantula


Shoots hairs as missiles. Sucks blood with large fangs. Weaves silk trap lines to detect intruders.

Cartoon image of a mosquito


Bites with stealthy blood-detecting needlepoint mouth. Collapses blood vessels. Transmits disease.

Cartoon image of a house fly

House Fly

Transmits disease when it lands on opponents. Agile, fast flyer with large compound eyes to spot any threat. Irritating buzz annoys opponents to death.

Cartoon image of a centipede


Stuns with fang-like legs and venom. Fast and agile, both forwards and backwards. Drops limbs when attacked to get away.

Cartoon image of a fire ant

Fire Ant

Inflicts intense, burning sting. Strong jaws bite opponents to death. Travels in packs of thousands to overwhelm.

Cartoon image of a gnat


Secretes foul-tasting substance. Fools opponents by playing dead. Tiny compared to opponents and difficult to see.

Cartoon image of a flea


Jumps up to 100 times its height. Sucks opponents’ blood. Easily weaves through battlefields and is hard to capture or kill.

Cartoon image of a ladybug


Red color scares away other bugs. Super speedy with wings that beat faster than a hummingbird. Emits foul smelling odor to ward off opponents.

Cartoon image of a cockroach


Can climbs walls with sturdy legs and claws. Tough guy that survives in any and all conditions, and can live without food and water for long periods of time. Uses pheromones to summon big armies.

Cartoon image of a cricket


Detects enemies through air currents. Athletic and versatile; able to turn, jump and run. Annoys opponents with sonic chirp that calls in backup.

Cartoon image of a bee


Sharp painful sting. Chases opponents home and fights to the death. Enlists armies with pheromones.

Cartoon image of a carpenter ant

Carpenter Ant

Lifts up to 5,000 times its body weight. Chews with jaws of steel. Navigates battlefields with ease.

Cartoon image of a hornet


Can sting opponent multiple times. Aggressive and unrelenting. Impressive maneuverability and flight skills.

Cartoon image of a moth


Deceptively camouflages as a big predator. Detects ultrasonic sound waves and navigates by the stars. Disintegrates opponents’ clothing.

Cartoon image of a black widow spider

Black Widow Spider

Injects toxic, paralyzing venom. Eats victims. Spins sticky web to trap opponents.

Cartoon image of a potter wasp

Potter Wasp

Toxic sting paralyzes opponents. Strong flyer. Transports the captured to its nest to be devoured by its young.

Cartoon image of a crazy ant

Crazy Ant

Erratic movements make opponents dizzy. Enormous colonies band together to block predators. Armed with large cavalry.

Cartoon image of a brown recluse spider

Brown Recluse Spider

Toxic venom melts tissue. Hard to find and kill. Can survive without food, water, and even lost limbs for months.

Cartoon image of a silverfish


Terrifying appearance. Sheds scales for protection. Stealthy and moves at night.

Cartoon image of a spider mite

Spider Mite

Weaves silk web to trap opponents. Small, nimble and hard to find. Rapidly multiplies to a million per month.

Cartoon image of a tick


Feeds on opponents’ blood. Armored body that is difficult to crush. The ultimate hitchhiker.

Cartoon image of a hercules beetle

Hercules Beetle

Possesses the strength of a hundred bugs. Aggressively uses horns to slam opponents to the ground. Thick wings propel its large body to evade enemies.

Cartoon image of a praying mantis

Praying Mantis

Fierce fighter – the Bruce Lee of insects. 360-degree vision. Pinches and bites.

Cartoon image of a june bug

June Bug

Emits chemicals to repel opponents. Eliminates enemies’ food source. Tough shell, and good flyer.

Cartoon image of a love bug

Love Bug

Makes love, not war. Overwhelms opponent in large numbers. Flies in tandem with partner for backup.

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