Christmas decorating

No matter what holiday you celebrate, decorating has become an essential part of Americans’ holiday routine. Holiday decor like Christmas Trees, ornaments, gift boxes, firewood, garland, and holiday lights can surely bring joy and delight. However, they may also open the bridge and “invite” un-wanted guests to your holiday parties.

Christmas trees are the ultimate of holiday traditions. If you bring home living Christmas trees, you could easily bring certain pests like bagworms, mites, beetles, and spiders home for the holidays. So make sure to inspect the tree thoroughly, you might not spot bugs in the tree, but you might come across incriminating evidence, such as nests, webs, empty egg casings and other signs of bug infestation.

Once you bring the tree home, give it a good shake before you take it inside the house. This can dislodge hidden insects and eggs. Also remove any bird nests you find, since these could contain mites. If you already have a Christmas tree in your home and suspect bugs, don’t spray the tree with pesticides, flammable aerosol spray and Christmas lights make for a potentially dangerous combination. Instead, simply vacuum up any dead bugs you find around the tree.

Ornaments, gift boxes, and holiday lights can be attractive to rodents, so before using them, make sure to inspect for damage before using them. If damage or droppings are spotted, call your local pest control professionals for a further investigation, and eradicate these critters before your holiday party starts.

Pests like beetles, carpenter ants, and termites can feed and/or find shelter in the firewood, so proper storage and use of firewood is the key to minimize the opportunity for these pests to make it inside. Make sure to store firewood off the ground and at least 20 feet away from your home. Inspect for pests before bringing the logs indoors, and burn them immediately when they are indoors. It’s also helpful to use the oldest wood first since it is likeliest to have been infested. Just like Christmas trees, do not use insecticides on firewood you plan to burn, it is dangerous due to harmful vapors and fumes that can be released.

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