HomeTeam Pest Defense Features Taexx Built-In Pest Control System at Sunbelt Builders Show


Sunbelt Tradeshow HomeTeam Pest Defense Features Taexx® Built In Pest Control System at Sunbelt Builders ShowHomeTeam Pest Defense is proud to celebrate our seventh year as an exhibitor at the Sunbelt Builders Show, scheduled Oct. 20-22 at the Austin, Texas Convention Center.  The show, which runs Thursday through Saturday, is one of the largest home building industry events in the Southwest.  There will be live product and service demonstrations, world-class speakers, fun networking events and live music and entertainment.

You can find us at booth #828 and we feature pest control and subterranean termite products and services.  HomeTeam is the third-largest residential pest and termite control company in the United States, and the No.1 pest management service provider to home builders.

Our unique Taexx® built-in pest control product is installed in designated walls during construction.  The system is designed to target household pests at point of entry.  On a regular basis, HomeTeam professionals distribute efficient pest control treatments from locked and patented service ports on the outside of a home.   The Taexx system has a low install cost, no impact on building cycle time and a high perceived value among homebuyers.

HomeTeam offers several termite control treatments for subterranean termites.  During construction, HomeTeam applies a borate-based termiticide directly onto raw wood, concrete and foundation penetrations. Once dry, all treated wood can be handled normally since the long-lasting termiticide is saturated deep within.  This termiticide sets up a repellent barrier that lasts for years.  The termite control service applications provided by HomeTeam satisfy all state and local municipality requirements, and most importantly, satisfy all HUD lending requirements for termite pretreatments on FHA and VA loans.

The Sentricon® termite baiting system can be installed before or after home construction, and is a proven method for protecting homes and buildings from subterranean termites.  There is no drilling in floors and foundations, no digging or trenching.  The system uses only a few grams of active termiticide ingredient when and where needed.  Installation and quarterly monitoring is done by trained HomeTeam technicians, and because the service is done outside there are no scheduling hassles.

HomeTeam Pest Defense and the Sunbelt Builders Show have been associated with one another for many years, and we are proud to be a part of this year’s conference as well!  To learn more about HomeTeam and our pest and termite control products, visit pestdefense.com.  For more details about the tradeshow, visit www.sunbeltbuildersshow.com.

Sentricon® is a registered trademark of Dow AgroSciences, LLC

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