June Bugs: We Don’t Make Light of Beetles Bugging You


June Bugs We Don’t Make Light of Beetles Bugging You 300x198 June Bugs: We Don’t Make Light of Beetles Bugging You   The month of June traditionally is a time weddings, graduation ceremonies and other celebrations, including family reunions. As family and friends from near and far gather to celebrate these festive occasions, so, too, do some rather unwelcome guests. This is also the time of year for June bugs, and they don’t care which party they crash.

The June bug is classified as scarab beetles, a family that includes more than one hundred species ranging in size from  a half inch to five-eighths of an inch long.  The June bug has three life stages when developing: grub, pupa, and adult beetle.  Despite their name, June bugs initiate their egg-laying process as early as April.   Females burrow two to five inches into the soil to lay their eggs.  Within three to four weeks the eggs will hatch into grubs that feature brown heads and creamy white bodies.   The grubs are C-shaped larvae.

Grubs will remain in the soil throughout springtime, and they can cause significant damage to a yard or garden.   That’s because these grubs feed on the roots of plants, shrubs, and grass, causing the grass to turn yellow and die.  Severely damaged grass will appear to look like “rolled-up” carpet.  Grubs are best known for damaging lawns, golf courses, and even vegetable gardens.  Adult June bugs, however are reddish brown and do not cause as much damage; these uninvited guests instead will put a damper on outside activities, due to their overwhelming attraction to light.  Their obsession with light often causes them to hang by the pool or lights near doorways, which gives them an opportunity to slip inside occasionally.

A bit of planning ahead should be enough to control and even eliminate June bugs from becoming a nuisance in and around the home.   Look for irregularly-shaped dry patches in your lawn, turn outside lights off if they are not needed at night. Also seek the advice of a lawn specialist if irregular characteristics appear in the lawn.

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