Occasional Invaders: Clover Mites


occasional invader clover mites Occasional Invaders: Clover MitesOccasional invaders such as clover mites usually live and breed outside, but can move indoors in large numbers in the early spring and late fall. The trick is to start pest management services quickly so your home becomes an inhospitable and unpleasant place for these pests. Here is some useful information about clover mites as well as tips to prevent a clover mite infestation.

Clover mites are tiny. Even full-grown adults are smaller than a pinhead. These occasional invaders don’t bite, sting or transmit disease (they have been known to cause skin irritation in some sensitive people), but they can be a nuisance. As the temperature begins to rise and ground surfaces warm, clover mites become active.  They typically mass on the sunny side of the structure in well-fertilized lawns. In the fall, they may congregate in and around homes seeking shelter and protection from lower temperatures.

Such tiny occasional invaders can enter quite easily through building foundation cracks.  Dozens or even hundreds of clover mites may occupy one window sill or area of the wall. Clover mites are generally red to reddish brown in color and when squished, can leave a red stain behind that can be difficult to clean, especially off fabric.

One way to handle these occasional invaders is to do nothing. Inside your home, their food source—primarily well-fertilized grass, clover leaves, and other plants—is unavailable to them and they will die soon. However, they can be annoying, so you may choose to seek pest management services.

Once an infestation has occurred, you can get rid of clover mites by vacuuming them up and disposing of the vacuum contents in an outdoor trash bin away from your home.  To help prevent them in the future, seal gaps and cracks in the foundation, walls, windows and door frames. Reduce the vegetation close to the house and limit your use of fertilizer. Perimeter treatments and other pest management services can also help prevent these occasional invaders from getting inside your home.

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