Pest Control with Popular Holiday Items


pest control with popular holiday items 300x249 Pest Control with Popular Holiday ItemsThe holidays are here! Black Friday is over and shopping has officially begun. Have you decorated your house yet? Last week we provided helpful hints about bug-free Christmas trees and signs of pests in your holiday decorating storage boxes.

There are still a few more items we want to mention with regards to holiday preparation. Who doesn’t like the cozy, warm glow of a fireplace? Before you bring your firewood into the house, be sure you’ve checked it for bugs. Pests might be hiding in and around your storage place—and even under the bark. Don’t wait until you bring the wood into the house to inspect it because it might be too late. There may be insects that fall off on your way to the fireplace. Also, be sure to store your firewood away from your house. You don’t want to provide shelter or food for pests.

What about your potpourri? It’s popular during the holidays. It seems innocent enough. Surprisingly though, the potpourri you just bought to spruce up your house for the holidays may contain bugs. Many types of potpourri include dried fruits such as lemons and oranges. These are especially susceptible to pests. Before opening the bag of potpourri, place the new package in your freezer for three days. This will kill any pest that may be living in the mix.

One more item deserves mentioning: Food. The holidays include lots of food, including candy and other sweets. These items are very attractive to ants and other pests. Keep all food in airtight containers.

For more information on safeguarding against holiday pests, go to HomeTeam Pest Defense will be happy to provide pest control service if you want a bug-free holiday season. Call us at 855-855-4873.  Happy holidays!

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