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During spring cleaning, it’s pretty common to switch out winter wardrobes with summer ones.  As you start breaking out the shorts and putting away those bulky sweaters, don’t forget to protect your clothes from pests, as they can quickly turn your Prada to nada.

Here are a few things you can do to help protect clothes from moths and other pest infestations while they’re sitting in storage over the summer.

1.       Wash your clothes: Even though your clothes may appear relatively clean, there’s a chance they can contain moth eggs or other stains that may attract pests.  Before storing any of your clothes, make sure they’re thoroughly clean and ready to be put away for the season.

2.       Seal it up tight: Hanging clothes in an old wardrobe in the attic won’t necessarily protect them from pests.  Be sure to use a storage container or bag that can be completely sealed, so your chances of pest infestation are reduced.  You can even go the extra mile and use vacuum-sealed bags that remove as much air as possible from the container, making it difficult for any pests.

3.       Use Repellents: Whether you use something as simple as cedar chips, or an appropriate repellent, contact a pest management company to get a more comprehensive solution, especially if you’ve had a history of pest infestation.

Everyone works hard to protect their homes from pests, and storage areas are not immune.  Places where humans don’t spend much time can become breeding grounds for unwelcome guests, so attics or basements are especially susceptible to infestations.  If you have questions about how to properly store your off-season clothes, or concerns about pest control, contact HomeTeam Pest Defense today.

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