Cellar Spiders 251x300 Spiders in the Cellar

Keep that cellar door closed!  Don’t go down those basement stairs because you might stumble upon big, giant man-eating spiders waiting to attack and kill you with their venomous fangs!  OK, now turn off the TV and stop watching those 2am horror movies about spiders in the cellar.  Sure they’re scary and frightening, but only in the movies.

In reality, cellar spiders are pretty cool with their long, skinny legs and small bodies. There are two kinds of cellar spiders – long-bodied or longlegged and round-bodied or short-bodied.  Both types of spiders build their large and stringy webs in basements, crawlspaces, pantries, closets, attics, garages and dark corners of living spaces and work-spaces.  They are one of the most common web-building spiders found in buildings.

Like all spiders, the long and small-bodied spiders have 8 legs, 2 body parts and fang-like mouthparts.  The actually body length of an adult cellar spider is about one-quarter inch” or less.  These unique spiders rest upside-down in their webs and will shake themselves quickly back and forth in their webs when disturbed.  An interesting fact – cellar spiders never clean or remove their irregular webs and webs accumulate in large quantities.

Cellar spiders are common in homes, but they typically stay in one place and don’t bother people.  They feed on small moths, flies, gnats, mosquitoes and other creatures that are common indoors.  Despite the scary movies, they are not known to bite humans.  When they are not living in homes and buildings, cellar spiders are sometimes found in protected natural areas like rock and wood piles.

Since spiders are so common in and around homes, we have made it an important part of our company’s personalized 6-Point Advantage Service.  Professional HomeTeam technicians will remove cobwebs within reach during regularly scheduled service treatments.    So if watching scary spiders in and around your home scares you, just call HomeTeam Pest Defense at 855-855-4873 or visit our website www.pestdefense.com.

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