The Perilous Predicaments of Pest Professionals!


An insider’s look at the funny, freaky, scary encounters of pest service providers!

 The “Perilous Predicaments of Pest Professionals!”

“Oh my…a spider…why did it have to be a spider?”                                 

As I do every day, I packed up my desk, turned off the lights and headed for the stairs that lead outside to the parking garage.  Out the fire exit door, heading towards the stairs, I spotted a huge black lump of fuzzy something!  As I slowly approached I realized, to my horror, that it was a gigantic tarantula spider!  I couldn’t retrace my steps since the door had locked behind me so I was trapped!  Spiders have always terrified me, especially those that are larger than a normal body part!  “Just step on it” you might suggest, but I wore sandals that day and the spider could have easily wrapped around my foot and then some!  I had a few empty plastic containers from lunch and I got a brilliant idea!  I had been bowling…maybe I could roll one of the containers and knock the tarantula down the stairs.  Funny how some things make so much sense when you are freaking out!  Three scattered containers later, to no avail, the monster was still sitting between me and my escape.  Did I bother to mention that the windows to the offices are covered in reflective glass? It was over 100 degrees out on that concrete alley!  Needless to say I was sweating for a multitude of reasons!  After about ten minutes I decided I was spent…it was him or me!  I swallowed hard, my heart racing, I forced myself to climb up onto the hand-railing.  I shimmied along the rail like a seasoned circus performer, scurried past the predator, gathered plastic bowls along the way and I never looked back!

The next morning I was anxious to share my adventure with our arachnid-loving technical director.  A field trip to the stairs was planned.  And to our surprise what do we see – the large lump of furry mass is still there!  I refused to move but my co-worker, bowl in hand, moved in to snare the giant tarantula, only to discover that it was already DEAD!  Yep, I had worked myself into a state of hysteria over a dead spider.  No wonder it didn’t budge as the plastic bowls rolled by!  The technical director scooped up the spider and disposed of it.  But wait…he missed a leg!  For a week I held my breath and closed my eyes as I quickly tip-toed past the furry appendage!  Hey, I saw “The Hand” when I was young…I’m not taking any chances!

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