The Perilous Predicaments of Pest Professionals!


HomeTeam Blog Cat Mouse 300x204 The “Perilous Predicaments of Pest Professionals!”
An insider’s look at the funny, freaky, scary, unbelievable encounters of pest management service providers!

Submitted by Kim Adamson – Builder Sales Rep, Desert District

As I lay down, in hopes of getting a good night’s sleep, my two cats, Sammy, the sixteen-pound orange and white tabby, and Venus, the svelte seven-pound Russian Blue, settled in at the end of my bed for their 12-hour cat nap.  Suddenly they both jumped up and raced into the bathroom.  Startled, I jumped up and followed.  Once in the bathroom I noticed that both were frozen in deep concentration.  I was quite rattled, but managed to shut the door and quickly slid an area rug under it to prevent whatever “it” was from escaping!  I pulled back the shower curtain, peaked behind the toilet and saw what I thought might be a tail.  The cats sat there enjoying my nervousness.  I grabbed a small garbage can and towel, lifted the toilet brush out of its base and behold…a baby mouse!  “Great,” I thought, “one of my fearless cats will pounce upon it and all will be good.”  Wrong!  The tiny rodent was terrified and proceeded to run aimlessly around us to find an escape route.   To my dismay, my heroes ended up jumping out of its way numerous times!  Not once did they make any attempt to slap it down!  It soon became evident that it was up to me to capture the elusive creature.  I brushed the cats aside, swooped up the mouse into my towel and deposited it into the can. The cats dutifully followed me as I proceeded to the patio and casually watched as I freed the tiny creature into my back yard.   That is when it became abundantly clear…these felines are spoiled.  It is not natural for a cat not to chase a mouse unless they are fed too well!  Guess who’s going on a diet tomorrow?

Even if you work for a pest management service provider controlling rodents can be an ongoing ordeal!  If you find you are in need of pest control for your home contact HomeTeam Pest Defense at 855-855-4873 or visit  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn for more information.

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