The Power of Taexx for Home Pest Control


Taexx Illustration Spot.082206 300x209 The Power of Taexx® for Home Pest Control

If you’re building a new home, you already know it involves making a lot of decisions that will impact you and your family’s life for years to come.  You need to pick flooring, fixtures, cabinets, paint and the list goes on.  But have you thought about how you’ll protect you and your family from unwanted guests—bugs and other pests?

The answer is Taexx. Taexx, the original Tubes in the Wall® system developed by HomeTeam Pest Defense, provides a proactive approach to pest control.  Taexx is a network of small tubes that run throughout designated walls in your home.  This network sets up an effective barrier because the pest control materials hit bugs where they live, hide and breed—inside the walls of your home.

The Taexx system is designed to target pests in common nesting areas, helping to ensure they won’t get through your walls and into your house.  Taexx provides homeowners with peace of mind knowing that the tiny system of tubes is working to defend homes against unwanted bugs and insects.

The Taexx system treatment is applied approximately every three months, or as needed, and the pest control materials remain effective longer because they’re not exposed to sunlight.  HomeTeam Pest Defense technicians inject the pest control materials into the system through a small locked service port on the outside of the home, giving the homeowner the advantage of not needing to be home during treatment.

When you first discover bugs or other pests in your home, there’s a good chance that it may be too late, and they’ve already infested your walls.  By installing the Taexx system in your home during the building process,  you can take a proactive approach and attack bugs at the source – all while keeping you and your family comfortable inside your home.  Installation won’t affect the construction schedule and can easily be coordinated through HomeTeam Pest Defense and your builder.

For more information on how the Taexx system can improve your home, contact HomeTeam Pest Defense today.

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What is Taexx?

*Installation method is customized to construction types, and may vary.

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