What type of bug do you think you are most like? Hopefully you don’t think your traits most closely match those of a black widow spider, a mosquito, or a termite. These are bugs worthy of calling a pest management service, but there are plenty of other fascinating insects that your personality may closely match. Read these descriptions and decide what type of bug traits match you best!

what type of bug are you butterfly 150x150 What Type of Bug are You?You are very social and well-liked but sometimes you feel the need to do something a little controversial. Popularity may be important to you, but you know it’s more important to be yourself. When you’re not showing off, you are a very sweet and caring person with a funny way of showing it. If this matches your personality, you are a butterfly!

You may seem ordinary and uninteresting to people who don’t you very well, but when the time is right, you can show off amazing hidden talents. You are a great communicator and definitely can shed the light on a dark situation. If this describes you, you are a firefly!

what type of bug are you mantis 150x150 What Type of Bug are You?You are very intelligent, inquisitive, patient, deceptively humble and respected by your peers. While this is true, you still tend to enjoy your alone time. If this sounds like you, you are a praying mantis!

You are cute and friendly and try to make the people around you feel included and accepted. Not much bothers you—you prefer to be carefree and relaxed as you expand your collection of odd knick-knacks and furry things. You make people laugh a lot, but they’re not always sure they really understand the joke. You know there’s a fine line between endearingly cute and irritatingly kitsch, but you have no idea where that line is anymore. Sound right? You’re a ladybug!

what type of bug are you wasp 150x150 What Type of Bug are You?You are very aggressive and confrontational, but you will always stand up for the people you hold dear. Some people call you materialistic and arrogant, and they might be right. After all, you’re good looking and you know it, but you also think everyone else is jealous. Is this you? You’re a paper wasp!

You are a perky team-player who is always full of energy. You like to stick around other people and work really hard. You’re even willing to work overtime to do your part for the greater good. If this sounds like your personality, you are a bumblebee!

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