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Pest Control in Serving Winston Salem and Greensboro, North Carolina

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We know you want your pest problems taken care of, and your satisfaction is our number one goal. Our pest control service is effective, convenient, and guaranteed. HomeTeam Pest Defense provides a pest control service excellence that will bring you peace of mind.

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3908-C Westpoint Boulevard Winston Salem, NC 27103

Services in Serving Winston Salem and Greensboro

Servicing Locations In And Around Greensboro:

Greensboro, High Point, Burlington, Asheboro, Graham, Thomasville, Siler City, Randleman, Elon, Mebane, Brown Summit, Gibsonville, Archdale, Oakridge, Summerfield, Pleasant Gardena.

Earwigs, house spiders, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, firebrats and paper wasps can ruin your day if found in your Winston-Salem, North Carolina home. Pest control is vital when protecting your home and yard. Pest control Winston-Salem services from HomeTeam Pest Defense will keep your family and pets protected from unwanted pests.

You will notice the quality pest control treatment you receive from our North Carolina based HomeTeam Pest Defense technicians. Our unique 6-Point Advantage Service is performed by our trained professionals each and every pest control service. We ensure the utmost satisfaction to our Winston-Salem customers.

Pest Q&a With Your Local Branch Manager

How Does The Weather In North Carolina Impact Pest Activity?

Spring: We receive lots of calls about carpenter bees.
Summer: Ants are prevalent nearly every day in kitchens and bathrooms, and there is a great deal of hornet activity. Over the summer, we also get a lot of questions about cicada killers, clover mites, and other miscellaneous pests.
Fall: Yellowjackets, roaches, and spiders are usually huge concerns this time of year. We also get lots of calls on stink bugs and ladybugs.

The past couple of winters were unseasonably cold with more snow than on average, which dramatically impacted what customers would ordinarily experience during mild winters. In this area, it seems the biggest obstacle is reinforcing why it’s important to winterize the home. Roaches, rats, mice and bed bugs seem to be more active, based on reports of pests in the area, during the fall and winter months. Ants continue to be reported after periods of rain. Ladybugs and cluster flies try to survive the cold in heated areas (building/homes), and we seem to get more calls for help with those insects during the fall and winter.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Pests Encountered In Homes In Winston-salem, Nc?

Ants, fleas, cockroaches, and black widow spiders.

Any Tips For Homeowners Near Winston-salem, NC?

Spring: We receive lots of calls about carpenter bees.
Tips for homeowners in the area: Be careful! Do your homework, but consult a pest control pro when dealing with an infestation. Be proactive, and learn what the pest pressures are in your area to prevent an infestation before it happens.

The best time of the year to begin a preventative pest control program for your home is during the fall and winter months so that we can treat problematic areas and help eliminate avenues into your home. Insects do not vanish over the winter and show back up the first day of spring. Many have already made their way inside and can cause bigger problems for you with nothing in place to safeguard your home. Insects seek shelter, food, and water all can be found in the comfort of your home. Prepping your house now will also put you in a better position to tackle those insects in the spring, and you will be saving yourself time and extra out of pocket expenses by partnering with HomeTeam Pest Defense today.

What Is The Most Unusual Pest Encountered In North Carolina?

Bed bugs are an unexpected pest, because they were nearly eradicated at one time and have made a comeback in urban areas.

Termites In North Carolina

In regards to eastern subterranean termites in our area, we know that termites continue to forage during colder months maybe not at the rate they would during the spring and summer, but we know they continuously forage. Establishing termite protection during the fall and winter can provide your home protection now so that when termite swarming season begins in February, you will have better peace of mind knowing you will be protected in the event they visit your home. On average, there are 13-14 colonies per acre, which means a typical home may have 3 to 4 colonies situated under or around it. And because there can be as many as 1 million termites in a colony, the threat of an infestation is very real.

Additional Services

We handle ants, roaches, silverfish, earwigs, fire ants, rodents, spiders, termites and other unwanted “guests”. Expect top-caliber service from professionals who truly care.

Expect top-caliber service from professionals who truly care.

Bed Bugs
Fire Ants

Our 6-Point Advantage Service

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Our Service is 100% Guaranteed, Every Time.

If you have concerns about pests between regular services, don’t hesitate to call. We’ll inspect and, if needed, re-service your home, free of charge. Your home will always be serviced by a friendly, knowledgeable technician who will answer your questions.

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Start protecting your Florida home and family from pest infestations today. Give us a call to start your pest control program!

Serving Winston Salem and Greensboro Service Locations

Winston-Salem, Clemmons, King, Pfafftown, Kernersville, Bermuda Run, Lewisville, Stanleyville, Rural Hall, Bethania.

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