Women’s Leadership Council Empowers HomeTeam Employees Through Scholarship


HomeTeam Pest Defense is empowering women and all employees to grow through its Women’s Leadership Council. The mission of the council is to encourage hiring, support and development of women at every level to enhance diversity throughout HomeTeam. The council acts as a liaison for women in the workplace, and it’s members represent a broad range of positions throughout the company and its 50 locations across the country.

Since 2010, the council of six employees with various backgrounds has met regularly to identify opportunities that would help female employees advance in careers typically dominated by men. The council launched a scholarship program in 2011, which offers women the opportunity to strengthen their skillsets through a personalized and customized experience. The council also contributes significantly to HomeTeam’s culture and the development of all employees.

Women nominate themselves for the program, and each applicant can choose to spend the scholarship towards a wide variety of career development tools and activities, including, but not limited to, mentoring, sales training, continued education and certification courses, seminars, and even shadowing influential leaders. Sponsored participants also have the opportunity to attend specialized guidance programs, which are provided for by HomeTeam and the council.

Tara Minikel, a Regional Controller based in Florida and a past participant believes “The Women’s Leadership Council is a wonderful resource not just for women, but for men as well. This initiative has provided the platform for open and honest communication about topics important to us all.” Minikel adds, “Continued support of the council will help guide women on our individual paths of personal and professional development.”

The scholarship program is open to female employees who have been with HomeTeam for more than a year. Over the past two years, 12 employees have successfully participated in the program.

The Women’s Leadership Council Sponsorship Program is an integral part of HomeTeam’s success because it encourages all team members to look for ways to take their career to the next level and further develop their expertise. HomeTeam and the council continue to seek out ways to encourage and advance female employees and to help them to develop their capabilities.

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