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Image of a common centipede.

Centipedes are easy to identify by their elongated wormlike bodies, slender antennae and pairs of legs on most of their body segments. Many confuse centipedes with millipedes, but centipedes have longer legs and antennae.

The front legs of centipedes are fang-like structures, which are used to kill or stun insects and spiders for food. While they have the ability to bite, their sting is not sufficiently toxic to be lethal to humans or small children, even in the largest species. Those with known insect allergies may experience more severe symptoms. Generally, they are not aggressive and run swiftly when disturbed.

Centipedes can be beneficial. They attack cockroaches and other house pests, but an infestation can be a nuisance. Centipedes are drawn to moisture and the following tips can prevent and treat centipede infestations:

  1. Repair water leaks. Infestations are often found around leaky pipes or damp basements and crawlspaces.
  2. Remove potential harborages such as old boards, boxes, compost piles, stones, leaf litter and grass clippings from around the foundation of your home.
  3. You can remove individual centipedes that are found by picking them up with a tissue or scooping them into a jar. Avoid contact because they do bite.
  4. Call your local HomeTeam Pest Defense expert if an infestation still exists and all moisture is eliminated in your home. Centipedes commonly reside in cracks and voids, which require pest control materials to treat. Oftentimes, do-it-yourself products only treat the perimeter and do not reach certain crevices.
  5. If you are building a new home, consider Taexx, a built-in-the-wall pest control system that prevents common household pests including centipedes. Many of the nation’s top builders are installing Taexx as a standard feature. If your builder isn’t installing Taexx, ask your builder to speak with a HomeTeam representative.

If you need help figuring out what type of pest you have and the best treatment for your situation, consult a local HomeTeam pest expert. Contact our nearest branch office.

Image of a common centipede.

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