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Your biggest investment may be at risk. Many species of termites cause considerable damage to homes, furniture, and other structures. Subterranean termites would love to make a meal of your home, and they can cause enormous damage. Every year, more than 5 million homes in the United States are damaged by termites. The estimated cost to homeowners each year is a staggering $5 billion. What’s worse, their destruction generally isn’t covered by most homeowners’ insurance.

We continue to be a leading termite control company in customer service, innovative treatments, and results. With years of experience and 50 neighborhood pest service locations, more than 1,000 homebuilders and countless homeowners continue to turn to us for pest and termite control services.

Questions about our termite control services and how Sentricon® would work in your home? Call our local pest control company office. We are happy to answer questions and schedule a consultation at your convenience.

Infographic - Termite Damage has cost US Homeowners fifty billion dollars per decade

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HomeTeam Pest Defense 1 Million Dollar Termite Warranty

*For new construction and qualifying existing homes. See warranty and service agreement for details.

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Even newly constructed homes are at risk for termite infestation. HomeTeam offers numerous termite treatment services to help protect and prevent your home buyer's future home from termite infestation. Taking action now can protect your home buyer's investment down the line, increasing initial purchase appeal.


Protect new homes from infestation with wood termite treatment, an effective termite control solution. HomeTeam Pest Defense's borate wood treatment acts as both a termiticide and a termite repellent for years after application.

The best way to protect the wooden structure of a new home from subterranean invaders is to make the wood so distasteful they'll head elsewhere. Highly effective borate wood pretreatment from HomeTeam does exactly that. penetrating deep inside the lumber framework to provide long-lasting protection.


Protect new homes with termite control soil treatment. HomeTeam Pest Defense's two-step liquid treatment is effective and provides long-lasting protection.

Termites present a significant and constant threat to the value of any home. That's why we apply a soil pretreatment to eliminate problems before they happen. By applying a virtual barrier to the soil during new construction, our home termite control prevention sends unwanted guests packing.


For around the clock termite control for existing homes and new construction HomeTeam uses Sentricon® Colony Elimination System with Always Active® Technology Protect your home from subterranean termites with professional Home Team monitoring service and Sentricon® Always Active® Technology. Home Team backs its installation and service with a $1 Million Termite Warranty that covers the cost of repairs and retreatment if termites damage your home.

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*Installation method is customized to construction types, and may vary.

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