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Earwigs have a low tolerance for heat, becoming active at night and spending the day in hiding. Earwigs are drawn to dark, damp conditions and are often observed around sinks and in bathrooms during the summer. Once inside a home, earwigs can find cover in piles of newspapers and magazines, furniture, baseboards and other areas. They are common in the southern U.S. They feed on fruits, fungi, aphids, leaves and flowers even flies. To help keep your home free of earwigs, keep mulch dry and shallow, keep compost piles away from your home and seal gaps around doors and base of your home.

Earwigs do not really get into people’s ears. Their name comes from an old superstition and has no merit.

Although earwigs do not pose a threat, it can be unnerving to have them in your house. HomeTeam will be happy to help you get rid of them. Just give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Earwigs

What is an earwig? Is it harmful?

Earwig is the common name given to insects characterized by thin, membrane-like wings folded underneath short leathery forewings. The abdomen extends well beyond the wings, and frequently, though not always, ends in a pair of forceps-like touch receptors. There is no evidence that they transmit disease or otherwise harm humans or other animals.

Where does an earwig get its name?

They owe their name to the widespread superstition that they crawl into ears of sleeping people and bore into their brain. Earwig is derived from the Anglo-Saxon term, earwicga, meaning ear creature. Earwigs feed on leaves, flowers, fruits and fungi as well as plants. (They do not crawl into people’s ears while they are sleeping.)

How do I control earwigs?

Earwig control methods include: altering their habitat, eliminating excess moisture, limiting the exterior lighting, sealing cracks and crevices and use of chemical insecticides.

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