htpd1 300x225 Four Signs of Termites
It’s the insect that every homeowner dreads: Termites!

Subterranean Termites can cause massive damage to your home, especially if they are not discovered and treated quickly.  If you’re concerned that you might have a termite infestation in your home, here are four signs of termites that can help you determine whether you need to call a professional pest control company.

  1. Mud Tubes: These are likely the most visible sign of subterranean termites.  These shelter tubes are made of soil and partially digested cellulose stuck together.  The tubes are usually brown and the width of a pencil.  Termites build mud tubes to travel from their homes in the soil to their feeding source (known as the wood in your house).  Mud tubes can be found running along concrete, drywall, or any other type of surface, and can extend upward for many feet.
  2. Swarmers: Winged termites swarming in your home is often the first sign of termite infestation.  Termite swarms usually occur in the spring after a rain. The West Coast will have swarms during the fall. These massive swarms can be very alarming with as many as 65,000 termites in the swarm.  These winged termite swarmers are attracted to light and will fly towards windows and light fixtures.
  3. Wings: After the subterranean termites swarm, they will clip and discard their wings. If you find piles of insect wings near your windows, doors, light fixtures, or in spider webs, there is a good chance that a swarm of termites is near.  The original termite colony could be nesting in your walls, under your foundation, or somewhere close by.
  4. Damage: Termite damage is not always easy to detect.  Many times termiteshtpd3Sub2SubTermjz.NEF 300x239 Four Signs of Termiteswill feed on soft wood like doorframes and window trim.  Termites hollow out the wood leaving the thin painted surface intact.  Severe damage is obviously more costly to repair but not always easily found.  Termites may feed on wood several years before a swarm will occur.  Heavily infested wood will typically have soil and mud tubes within it and the wood is usually brittle and breaks apart easily.

If you see any of these, or any other, signs of termites, you should call a professional pest control company right away.  They will be able to assess the situation, and give you clear choices as to what you need to do to ensure that your home stays termite free for years to come.  For more information on termite diagnosis and treatment, contact HomeTeam Pest Defense.

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