Late Summer Pests – What Are They and How to Prevent Them


Can you believe the new school year has begun? Though your critters are now out of the house, late summer pests are thriving, and still aiming to bug you! Some pests, like cockroaches, spiders, and stinging insects find the late summer breeze perfect for nesting and breeding.

Male spiders scurry around to find female spiders to mate with in late summer and early fall, making August and September the worst time of year for spider infestations. In addition to their mating needs, spiders also come indoors to seek shelter and forage for food. Just like other invaders, spiders find their way in through cracks and gaps in doors and windows—so sealing any cracks or crevices would greatly lower the chances of spiders invading your home. Getting rid of the pests that spiders’ prey on is another way to keep them outside – when their food source is no longer available indoors, they won’t want to loiter around.

Cockroaches can be year-round visitors, but infestation generally gets worse when the weather is warm and humid. Late summer still carries the heat from summer while more thunderstorms and rainfall increase the humidity in most southern regions, making the perfect weather condition for cockroaches to thrive. To lessen the chance of a cockroach infestation, make sure to cut their food and water source. Keep leftover food stored in tight, cover containers, wipe down all kitchen surfaces, and fix leaky water sources.

For stinging insects, like wasps and yellow jackets, preparing their queen for the winter becomes a priority in late summer and fall. The shortened daytime reminds them it’s the time to collect food and to be more protective near the hive. Unlike summer which offers abundant food sources, in the fall there is less food and more competition to obtain it to survive. Just like us, wasps are looking for a quick energy boost. Proteins and sugary foods like ice cream, wine, soda, fruit, and meats are potential invitations for them to stop by and snack.

Although we don’t like their painful stings, most wasps are vital to our ecosystems. Yellow Jackets and other wasps pollinate plants and keep the earth much less pest-ridden because they feed on flies, spiders, and other insects that damage crops and can be nuisances near your home.

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