Creepy Things Around Your Jack O’Lantern


Pumpkin infestation 300x199 Creepy Things Around Your Jack O’LanternIt’s the time of the year for ghosts, goblins, spiders and pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins. Oh, and let’s not forget the candy. Lots of candy. With all the fun and frolic of Halloween and even into the weeks prior to Thanksgiving we need to prepare and protect our homes from pests.

Carving a pumpkin is part of the fun and a ritual in many homes. It’s fun to create shapes whether by free hand or the use of stencils. Lighting a candle puts the finishing touches on it and receives oohs and aahhs, especially from the kids.

Don’t forget, a pumpkin grew on a vine and was a living plant. It’s actually a vegetable that, over time, will start to rot, grow fungus and attract bugs. Carve the pumpkin a night or two before Halloween. Any sooner and the pumpkin will begin to smell and attract fruit flies and gnats. If the pumpkins are right outside your front door, every time you open your door, you are inviting the gnats and fruit flies in. Other insects attracted to rotting vegetation are earwigs. These aren’t dangerous – just unattractive. Earwigs feed on fungus and would love to have a dinner at your doorstep. They probably aren’t the guests you have in mind for the holidays, however. Did we mention roof rats? Roof rats love fruits and vegetables.

Candy is also a big part of Halloween and the kids are still relishing it several weeks into November. Sweet things attract pests such as ants and even rodents and sawtoothed grain beetles. These beetles love chocolate. Look for tiny holes in the candy wrapper. If you see holes, it’s likely it has been nibbled on by a sawtoothed grain beetle. Once you check the candy for safety, store it in a container with a tight lid.

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